Blue macrame necklace with Kyanite and brass


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A Zende Handcrafted blue macrame necklace. There is a gorgeous raw kyanite blade and brass pendant centrepiece and brass bead embellishments.

The necklace fastens with a sliding macrame fastening so the length is adjustable to your desired length.

Macrame is a technique of tying many different knots to form different designs. The material I use is Linhasita string which is extremely durable and holds its colour for a long time. My designs are created individually as I create each item so they are truly unique and One of a Kind.

Kyanite is known for enhancing intuition, it is can also help to provide strength in communication, removiing blockages and helping to speak one’s own truth.

We have teamed up as a reforestation partner of One Tree who will plant a tree for each sale of a Zende Boutique handcrafted item! This means your purchase from a small independent artisan can help to play a part in the reforestation of the earth. One tree at a time – Thank you!


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